The Dojo is a multi-use space available for private rental.

Ideal for yoga, meditation or other small classes.

The Space

Rental information

For Instructors:
$25 for up to 1.5 hours

$20 for recurring, scheduled use. Once per week minimum.

Also available for full day rentals on weekends.
Contact us for all extended rental rates.

* All instructors must provide proof of insurance.

For general use rental inquiries, contact us.

Instructor Directory

Let us connect you with experienced and passionate yoga instructors to schedule your own private class.
Erin Anderson
Erin Anderson’s life has been one of learning, education, and service “at best.” She grew up in Montana and attended UMass Amherst studying sociology and history with a concentration on the Black Arts Movement. Her Masters is in Intercultural Youth and Family Development, which was housed in the counselor education program at the University of Montana - Missoula.

Her life work is centered on the importance of collective healing & personal growth through loving action. Equity, inclusion, diversity, culture, and Yoga are her main tools for personal healing and social change. She has worked in service throughout her professional life from the food & restaurant industry, to residential youth homes, and nonprofit program management & design.

She believes Community happens through creation & growth of authentic relationships. Her life inspiration has come through her relationships with her mentors and teachers Nelson Stevens, Malia Lazu & David Vendetti.

She believes in addressing both triumph and trauma within our own bodies. She believes that by doing this we learn to accept what we can not change and engage in meaningful release of what is not in service to empowerment and betterment of all of humankind.
Sharli Ziebarth
Sharli's approach reflects a harmony of diverse influences, offering a rich and authentic experience that captivates both new and seasoned yogis alike.
If you seek a yoga journey that goes beyond the physical, where mindfulness and spirituality intertwine, Nicole Brooks is the instructor you've been waiting for. Join her classes and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and growth. Her dedication and appreciation for her students shines through, and she strives to bring joy, peace, and fulfillment to all who join her on the mat.

Massage Rooms

Room A: Laura Lambrecht - ROLFING

What is Rolfing?
Rolfing is a type of therapy that involves deep manipulation of the body's connective tissues. It may help alleviate both muscular and psychological tension to realign and restore balance in the body.

Want to learn more? Contact Laura to schedule a session.

Newly Remodeled
2nd Floor Privacy (not handicap accessible)
Adjacent to Wellness/Yoga Space
Approximately 90 square feet


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